some random stuffs 'bout meeting

I never like meeting, I just hate it. So if I talk 'bout what I like from there, I really mean it.

We sometimes have the so-called business review with some regional team, and I notice something worthy to write 'bout.

1. Sharp

It's easy to look at the slide 'bout your business and ask the right question to probe for something wrong

It's much harder to look at the slide 'bout some unknown business (maybe some market that you will probably visit at most once a year) and ask those right questions

That's what I like 'bout those regional guys when they come to review the local business - usually ask the right question, and follow-through the end.

For example: We usually look at slide #1, understand it and forget that slide when the presenter moves on to slide #3. However, I usually notice that those guys were able to link the content between different slides, look for mismatches and directly ask for explanation. Very sharp.

It's partly because of the fact that they saw so many business reviews already and they got to know  which problems might occur the most and which questions are the most effective ones. But still, it's remarkable

2: Stamina

We usually feel tired when it's around mid-noon or 6-7 PM but they were still pretty much energetic at that time. This looks trivia but over a long run, it's not. It's more 'bout the spirit and dedication.

And this is what I sometimes dislike 'bout such meetings

3: Implementation

There are usually many ideas/initiatives raised in the meeting, and it's up to the local country to implement it. Sometimes, it's the local markets who don't want to implement or just doesn't follow-through (not enough ownership), sometimes the regional team just doesn't give the supports they promised.

But well, to have a good plan is tough, to translate it into a good execution is even tougher

In general, I hate meeting, but as with everything in life, if you observe it hard enough, you can still find value from it : )

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Jamie Larson