Planning the right way is hard. The right way - to me - is to come out with a plan that

  • has a right balance between achievable and almost-achievable (stretch goal)
  • has data and reasoning for people to understand, buy-in and execute
  • has defined success metrics (if applicable)
  • has compelling vision if it's an overview plan

Planning is not just for the sake of coming up with something fancy or because we're asked to. However, I think there are more of that than the actual planning.

The keyword I would like to emphasize in my planning is fundamentals and focus. Too many times people chasing new and fancy stuffs while overlook their fundamentals and it will bite them in a long run. Same for "focus", trying to do too many things at the same time might not get you that explosive growth, especially if you're not investing enough in your fundamentals.

To be continued

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Jamie Larson