On staying relevant

We all know about Nokia, once the king of mobile phone and then, became nothing. Thing we might not know is if our company, our team, ourself is the next Nokia :)

I always think that a little pressure here and there will help us grow, and thinking about that question - are we relevant or not - is one of those moments.

I saw people with so many years of experiences doing thing the same old way. I saw people that was once full of energy eventually lost it.

It's not really hard to explain that, there are many possible reasons

  • Priorities shifted. A young and single guy will have more time to learn and improve than a married man
  • Environment. The company, the team, the boss doesn't make it excited, challenging and rewarding enough for employee
  • Burn out. Too many work and too little rest

There is no ultimate answer for this, but I believe at the end of the day, it all depends on us, whether we dare to ask that question ourself, whether we want to ask our team the same question. If we do ask, it means we care enough and somehow the way will come.

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Jamie Larson