"have fun" is nothing but a hint

Several people included "have fun" in their list of tips during my last 4-5 training days. Same goes for those "every time you wake up in the morning, you should still be able to enjoy your work".

I previously took it this way: "well, they can say it because they're big boss. You can't have fun by just thinking: we're gonna have fun". There are times when things are just so sux and spelling "have fun" for billion times probably won't help much.

I gradually realized this: they are not 'bout how you can do it, but just like a reminder for you. Because sometimes you may so busy with work and even forget that you should have fun there.

Once you think of it as a target, you need to figure how to achieve it by yourself. My fun might not be your fun.

Some points that I think helpful for me (but I still haven't been able to do it all though :D )

- Change the way you look at those not-so-funny-and-even-sux-things. It's OK to say "it sux" but make sure to  think 'bout how to fix it after that. I used to do the 1st part much better than the 2nd part :P

- Treat mistake as a chance to learn. Don't make the same mistake and just learn 1 thing again and again though.

- Be curious. By that you would feel fun while learning new stuffs.

- Fool around, talk to people, make (dirty) jokes, LAUGH and being kool (this is fun for me, might not be applicable for everyone though).

  • Enjoy every little seems-like-irrelevant-things like a walk in the near-by park or just some nice view in your office

Well, those are basically what I want to write down after so many sessions 'bout those "how to success" stuffs. "How to success" is a very big and abstract phrase. For me, I prefer to approach things starting from those very basic elements.

If you can't have fun in your work, well, just don't do it. No fun --> no passion --> nothing


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Jamie Larson