a crowd must share something in common

a few days ago, I happened to watch an interesting movie scene. The teacher of some "special class" (with all those naughty and stubborn gang-related students) organizes this game: the students were divided by 2 lines facing each other and they should move forward if it's a "yes" and backward for a "no" after some question asked by the teacher.

She asked some trivial questions at first where her students moved forward and then backward without much thinking

She then asked if anybody involved in a gang fight ? The students paused for a while and some moved forward

She continued if anybody knows how to get drug ? There were some discussion among them, and still some students moved forward

Some other questions (that I forgot) passed by and these are the final ones

How many of you lose more than 1 of your friends ? 7-8 people move forward. They face each other and seem to start sharing something.

The final question is : how many of you lose more than 5 of your friends ? just 3-4 students left at the front. Although the rest were in the back, they all seem to pause and to think 'bout their lost friends

She touched her naughty gang-related children. They usually were dragged into it at the first place and couldn't go against the crowd later then. And it usually means blood (for them and their close ones) also. Gang fighting is not fun at all.

After that, she got more supports from the students and they also became less stubborn. I guess, because they feel that "this gal at least knows something 'bout us".

It's great for a movie and it's also a reminder that : if you want to get support from a group of people, truly touch their most common concerns and they might eventually share the rest with you.

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Jamie Larson