working with vendor

I currently got some problem working with the vendors

  • They tend to not proactively update us on the status of technical issues

  • They tend to not go the extra mile

  • We can't change the vendor as it's the regional vendor and it seems like just their local branch doesn't meet our expectation

First reactions from me were

  • Getting angry

  • Complain with the vendor as well as the people who manage them

On a second thought

  • Vendor is a vendor. They won't go the extra mile. So it's just up to us to manage them and to make sure they complete their task

  • Anger doesn't solve things and can make things worse. Complain also doesn't solve things. Use data. It takes time but it works.

  • It's part of my problems for not setting up the proper control process (locally) and to inform the people who manage the vendor regionally

Basically, working with people is tough and interesting at the same time


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Jamie Larson