What does a product guy do

I like to look at and structure things from different angle.

In term of the product life cycle, a product guy needs to involve

  • before the product is made: he needs to evaluate thing such as

    • is this product/feature actually needed ?
    • how it will work ?
    • when it will be delivered ?
    • how do we know it's a success ?
  • when the product is made

    • get feedback from the customers and adjust accordingly (if needed)
    • research the external factors to see if there's any impact
  • after the product is made

    • tracking the metrics we set on
    • share the value with stakeholders to motivate the team
    • back to step 1 to continue improving it

In term of the stakeholder, a product guy needs to talk with

  • stake-holder: those who want to create this
  • customers: those who will actually use it
  • team member: those who implement it

The important attitude he needs to have is the desire to make customers happy and solving their problem. This will increase his credibility in the stake-holder's eye. He also needs to motivate the team member, "the team" is kind of like his own product which he needs to grow.

In term of view, a product guy needs to look at the problem

  • from an overview stand-point
  • from a daily executional stand-point

It's the art of balancing different peope needs but still hyper focused on the end goal: bring value to customers.

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Jamie Larson