First time I heard it, it's just some buzz-word to me. And for 'bout 2 years when I worked in some environment that talk a lot 'bout it, I still haven't really believed in such concept.

Just recently, I realized a little bit of it


  • Some company chose to invest in recruit, training, retention. Some company chose to invest in paying salary.


  • Some company chose to take care of their partners, guild them and work with them toward a common goal. Some company chose to work with partners based on discount level.

  • Some company chose to take care of both the sales quota and the business fundamentals. Some company chose to focus on quota.

  • Some company chose to deploy and synchronize their strategy across the team, as well as between regional and local. Some company chose to have several different agendas for different teams

There is no right or wrong, since based on the business result then they all look success. However, talking 'bout sustainability - I learned a thing or two. And I'm glad to realize the subtle differences between the 2 approachs.

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Jamie Larson