Role of IT in corporate

it's always interesting to read something and be able to link it to your work : )

What an IT executive might do to increase his influence and contribution to the business ?

Make innovation real

  • The keyword is "real". It's easy to talk 'bout innovation, to say that "we will explore many innovative ideas". It's tough to "make it real". Again, idea is good but execution is even more important than that

  • The tough part 'bout deploying some innovative (read: new) stuff is

  • Get people to understand its benefit

  • Get people to use it

  • Actually quantify the benefit

  • Keep it running in the long term, make it sustainable

Raise the ROI of IT

* Add value

  • Bring more data, improve data quality, explore the best way to read data.

  • Integration and transparency (one-version-of-the-truth report)

* Cut cost

  • Streamline the process

  • Consolidate the infrastructure

Expand business impact

  • Expertise in both business and technical matters

  • Work as a business partner with other functions, talk the business language, show the business benefits

  • Work as leader for IT department, build IT skills and business knowledges for organization as well


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Jamie Larson