yesterday, some distributor head called me and asked for help since there were some issues in her site and the IT head wasn't there. I called the IT staffs and got this "hey Thong, thanks for asking, but we still can handle it, will ask for help if needed". I was a bit surprised and really excited

there was another time, another IT head was on leave and his team called me to ask for help. I checked and he told me "hey Thong, just leave it to me, all the issues here should route to me first". Damn it. Just wish all the people I work with have that kind of ownership

and this morning, I got pissed off because our vendor just didn't do anything for the whole week even though we already approved the work

there're whole lot differences between this-is-somehow-my-damn-business-and-I-am-proud-of-it versus well-we-are-just-working-for-someone attitude

I'm still learning to master the 1st one : ) (and try not to be pissed off when dealing with those belong to 2nd one. It's interesting if we can influence their attitude though)


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Jamie Larson