(Mis)read data

As I already said, it's not easy to really read the data.

I received some email from my current colleague 'bout this "Best companies for Leadership" study. I also saw this on some Facebook of my ex-colleague. The reason is very simple : their companies are there.

It's always nice to read good thing 'bout your companies, but I somehow want to do some checking

In the about section

Who contributes to the survey? We invite companies the world over to participate in the Best Companies for Leadership study. This year, we received completed surveys from 3,769 individuals in 96 countries, more than double the 2009 response. The chart below illustrates the breakdown by region.
Look further down
19.7% of the individuals are from Asia
A quick wiki tells me that Asia got 4 billions people while ASEAN got 600 millions people, hence ASEAN population is approximately 15% that of Asia

So, there are roughly 3769 * 19.7% * 15% = 111 people from ASEAN who took this survey

As much as I want to say good thing 'bout the 2 companies that I'm glad to work for, this data doesn't make any sense

It's good for self-motivation, HR, PR and many things, though.

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Jamie Larson