Managing Product in a company-that-grew-up

If it's just your personal project, your team, your startup then product management might be figuring out what customers love and iterate your product accordingly.

However, in a company that grew up, these are the questions that I have to answer daily

  • How should I get people to understand that their requests will be delayed and yet, get them to proactively send it to me ?

  • How should I let the team to run on their own and yet, have a clear-cut on what to implement and more importantly what to not implement ?

  • How should I listen to people's idea first (before my instinct kicks in and force me to judge them) ?

  • How should I get features done without leaving so much technical debts ?

  • How should I make the team feel inspiring in what they do and how should we convince ourselve to do what we have to do (the boring stuffs) ?

  • How should I measure thing the right way ? Get people to do it and learn anything from it ?

  • We (the Product team) receive requests from almost all functions. There will be "profit-center" functions, there will be "cost-center" functions. How should I let all of them feel that they are heard (of-course not in an equal way) ?

  • How should I convince outsiders to like the environment and join the company ?

If you ever wonder about what it looks like to manage Product for a company, this is my share of it.

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Jamie Larson