how to get things done (e.g. giảm 5 kí trong 3 tuần)

I recently lose 5kg in 'bout 3 weeks, and there are some tips I want to share (it's not just 'bout diet)

  • Start small: don't think that you need to lose 5kg after the 1st try. Think 'bout it as "I should eat more healthy food in order to become a lil bit more healthy". More achievable goal will help us to be motivated along the way, and you can always raise the bar later

  • Just do it: many people want to lose weight but just a few attempt to do it. They might think that "it will not work, just let it be". It's the wrong mindset. Just do it, by doing the 1st steps, you already make the differences.

  • Celebrate small things: if you wait for losing 5kg to celebrate, it will take a while and you might feel tired before that. Try this instead: celebrate (feel good) whenever you lose 500 gram or at least, whenever your weight doesn't change : )

  • Tell it to your friend: when you annouce something, you commit and you tend to do it

  • Be happy: some people won't eat anything when they are depressed (damn it, good for them). For me, keeping myself in positive mood helps me to not eating too much

  • Try different ways to do it: it you keep eating 1 food for diet, you will soon find it boring. Try something new (but still eat a reasonable portion only). This way, you will have the joy of eating a new dish and the joy of being able to control yourself

and there's a reason I put this on my work-related blog, the above tips can be applied to several other things as well, in work : )

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Jamie Larson