Choosing audio player for ListenMe

The first "audio player" component I used for ListenMe is Windows Media embed object. It simply just works.

I later switched to Flash-based player since it will be supported on more browsers (e.g. those on *nix). The first one is DewPlayer, which is a nice looking and simple player.

Eventually, I need more functionalities for this player and switched to FlowPlayer.

It took me almost half a day to configure FlowPlayer. And it's worth it. FlowPlayer enables me to implement the following 2 important features

  • Automatically direct to another song after the current one is finished

[sourcecode language='php']
onFinish: function() {
// set an event handler in the configuration
window.location = ""

When the current song ends, the above snipset will fire up an event that eventually calls "", this action will redirect us to a random song

  • Playlist (implementation is quite straight-forward, using Playlist plugin for FlowPlayer)

So, what's in it for you ?

  • Want a simple audio player for your website ? Try DewPlayer

  • Want a more advanced one (with event handler and plugins) ? Try FlowPlayer


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Jamie Larson